Thursday, 26 May 2011

What I made in cake decorating class

I started a cake decorating class four weeks ago, and so far it's been great fun. So far we've learned to make roses, freesias, leaves and how to tape it all together. Last night I managed to put together my first spray of roses, and I'm so proud of it that I can't resist showing it off! I'm sure to someone who knows anything about cake decorating it would look very amateurish and a bit messy but I really don't care, it's my first attempt and I love it.

One of the petals shattered when I was a bit careless with it, but I don't think you can notice it.

Now all I need is a lot more practice and an excuse to make a flower-covered cake!


  1. Well done Aveen!! They look beautiful!!

  2. They look really pretty, well done!

  3. Oh my - those are incredible. I can't even imagine being able to make something like that!


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