Sunday, 29 May 2011

Forever Nigella - Lentil & Wanut Salad

This month's Forever Nigella is being hosted by Dom at Belleau Kitchen (I don't know how he finds the time to host two blog events in the same month!) and the theme is Salad Days. Now I'm not normally one to follow a recipe when making a salad, but I thought just for a change I'd post something vaguely healthy on this blog! As I love pulses of any kind, I chose to make the lentil and walnut salad from Nigella Express.

Unfortunately, I snapped a couple of quick photos with my iPhone, ate the salad (I was starving) and only then looked at the photos, which turned out to be absolutely terrible, really dark, and by then it was too late to take proper photos because there was nothing left to photograph. It could be anything at all in the bowl, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a lentil and walnut salad with added cubes of feta (which I thought worked really well with the salad). A few changes I made, apart from adding the feta: I used lentilles vertes instead of puy lentils, because that's what was in my cupboard, and I cooked them in the pressure cooker because that takes ten minutes instead of half an hour.
£2.50 charity shop bargain!

Also I used parsley instead of chives because I prefer it and because I think it goes better with feta (and also because my chive plant has shrivelled up and turned brown and doesn't look that appetising).

Once again I can only apologise for these terrible photos and promise to do better next month!


  1. Well done for entering! I think your pics look nice and retro.

  2. I love your photo's too, very chic retro!... I also have no idea how I found any time this month... never again!... I'm exhausted!

  3. THat sounds delicious. THe pictures do have a certain charm to them too.

  4. I've always wanted to make this! Am very envious of your charity shop pressure cooker - nothing beats a good culinary find going cheap!
    Lucy from The Kitchenmaid - google not letting me sign in as myself at the moment!


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