Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Have you started tucking into your Easter eggs yet? This year I have a Green & Black's egg, a Mars Bar one and a Creme Egg one and I don't know which to open first!

Here's some little Easter cakes I made last week to bring along to my ukulele club. I have a new piping nozzle that's designed for hair and grass, and I wanted an excuse to use it!

They're just vanilla cupcakes with some chocolate buttercream and some tiny tiny mini chocolate eggs that I found in the pound shop. Of course I bought far too many and we'll probably still be eating them at Christmas.

This is the piping nozzle. Sorry it's so out of focus, I really need to take my husband's macro lens out of retirement so I can take decent photos of tiny things...

How are you spending Easter? I'm off to a yoga class in a minute and then we'll be having a picnic by the river so fingers crossed the sun comes back in the next couple of hours! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and has a great long weekend x


  1. A lovely Easter treat! And a great idea to use the grass/hair piping nozzle to make the nests. Hope your ukulele club really enjoyed them!


  2. Oh, I love that nozzle, what a great idea! My piping skills are dreadful, so I just squiggled mine on my nest cakes ;-)

  3. Great nests on top of your cakes. Also envious of your piping skills - I keep breaking the bags.


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