Saturday, 30 April 2011

Forever Nigella - Street Party

Forever Nigella is a blog event created by Sarah at Maison Cupcake. (Although if you're reading this, you probably already know all about it!) The first few months I didn't manage to take part but this month I was determined.

The theme was "street party", in keeping with the Royal Wedding, and I wanted to make something that everyone likes and could be picked up with your fingers and enjoyed while standing up or perching precariously on a folding chair at a trestle table.

So I made two things that I love, and my husband loves: marshmallow squares and hokey pokey!

Hokey Pokey, also known as honeycomb, cinder toffee or (inexplicably, in some parts of Northern Ireland, yellow man) is one of life's great joys. It's made entirely of sugar and a bit of bicarb and is therefore not good for you, but it's just so yummy! We will be enjoying this sprinkled over some vanilla ice cream. We had intended to have it yesterday, but after a massive tapas feast nobody was able to cope with pudding (and that is VERY unlike me).

Marshmallow squares - these are much nicer than the Rice Crispie versions that come in blue foil wrappers. Marshmallows are my cat's favourite thing, by the way. She is not allowed any of these.

We have my in laws visiting at the moment, and when my father in law arrived pretty much the first thing he said was "hello. Is there any cake?" I fed him a marshmallow square and one of the chocolate coconut slices from a post I'll be doing very soon, and he seemed happy :)

Both of these recipes are from Nigella Express, but they are available on her website: here and here.

I'm really behind with posting at the moment but later today or tomorrow I'll have my entry for this months' Random Recipes, and some photos of inside my fridge!


  1. They both look great. The honeycomb ice cream combo sounds yummy!

  2. wow... both look really lovely, great pictures too!... I haven't made my dish yet and im running out of time now!!! too much to do this month!!

  3. Honeycomb and ice cream mmmmmmmmmmmm (Homer Simpson style)!

  4. Wow these look lovely well done (and marshmellow squares as well as hokey pokey - sugar heaven!)

  5. Your hokey pokey looks perfect. I am a bit jealous and shall have to try again. I total agree about the Krispy Treats in the package - not worth the calories. So fun that your FIL knew you'd have something delicious whipped up.


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