Saturday, 9 July 2011

Millets Pick Your Own Farm - a grand day out!

This blog post is long overdue, and my excuse is that I was having problems with the memory card I used to take the photos - a bit of fiddling about was required! Anyway better late than never, and I want to tell you about a lovely day out I had a couple of weeks ago at Millets Farm near Abingdon, in Oxfordshire.

Some of the lovely stuff on offer

I was invited along with some other food bloggers for a tour of the pick your own fields, and despite days of horrible weather earlier in the week, we were lucky that the sun was shining! On hand were Jo from Millets with Orlin, the fruit expert, and Les who is in charge of the veggies, and they were happy to answer our many questions about growing stuff - apparently lots of food bloggers are also allotment holders (like me!) or have beds or pots of stuff in their garden, so it was great to get some expert advice.


Ickle baby beetroots!

We were all given a basket to fill with whatever we liked from the PYO fields, and I have to admit that I was the greediest person there - see my basket below, but what isn't pictured is that I stuffed my handbag with rhubarb too!

Greedy, moi?

They also have a fantastic farm shop there, which I've been to quite a few times before, and particularly fantastic is the fishmonger (I'm a sucker for fresh fish, as you may know) and the bakery section which is full of home made goodies and which I couldn't resist visiting and buying a treacle tart :)

Pick strawberries without even having to bend down!

I think we picked all the ripe ones...

One really unique thing about Millets is their Maize Maze! Unfortunately it was too early for it to be open as the maize would only have been about knee high, but it'll be open next week and hopefully we'll be going along to check it out. Although given my sense of direction I'll probably need to take a sat nav to find my way back out again. It'd be a great day out for the kids, and you can also visit the farm animals who live near the farm shop (home of a large porker that my husband called the "juicy pig" last time we were there!).

Juicy redcurrants

On departure we were given a lovely goodie bag full of stuff like scones, posh apple juice made from Millets' own apples, fudge... all of which disappeared before I could photograph them. But I did manage a quick snap of some lovely jam and chutney that was also in the bag.

Yummy goodies.

I would like to extend a massive thanks to everyone at Millets, and Hallane at Energy PR, for inviting me - I will be back very soon!

Les with his amazing carrots - I ate a raw one with the soil still attached and it was delicious!

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  1. OooO I would love to get fresh red currants where I live. What a fun day!


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